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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Trouble with system() in Perl

You created a script to generate some files and these files have to be processed by another (perl or shell) script called from within your first perl script using
system("./secondScript.sh argProcessALLFiles /some/dir");

However something strange is happening. You find that the files are being created properly, but, if these have to be uploaded, it happens only one at a time, and waits for the Ctrl-C for the next one. Is there anything you could do in the perl script, that would not wait for the Ctrl C?

Apparently there is nothing in Perl script that you can do about it. The problem is with underlying code in secondScript.sh shell script. Also, when you kill you perl program with a Control-C, the underlying system call will not kill the invoked application/script as the system() and backticks block SIGINT and SIGQUIT.

A piped open is another alternative to running system, and even allows you to send a Control-C as follows:

open my $handle, "| @commands" or die "Can't fork. $!";
print $handle , "\x3"; #Hex-03 is Control-C
close $handle or warn "Couldn't close $handle. $!";


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